We export mechanical systems and HVAC equipment from leading American manufacturers, offering a complete procurement service with technical support and logistics management. We can supply all your mechanical systems needs, including:


Twin City Fan

Centrifugal fans, centrifugal roof exhausters, centrifugal wall exhausters, utility sets, in-line fans, kitchen exhaust fans, axial fans, cabinet fans, radial bladed fans

Tuttle & Bailey

Grilles & registers, square & round diffusers, linear diffusers, slot diffusers, perforated diffusers, plenum slots, security grilles

Air Balance Inc.

Fire dampers, ceiling radiation dampers, smoke dampers, volume control dampes, backdraft dampers, aluminum louvers, acustical louvers, access doors, severe weather louvers, penthouse louvers


Forms a mechanical seal between pipes going through walls, floors, vaults, tanks and pipeline casings; steel and plastic wall sleeves, UL Rated 3 hour fire stop

Advanced Products and Systems, Inc.

Casing spacers, casing end seals, flange insulating kits, NSF61 approved flange gaskets, high temperature gaskets, flange band protectors, wall sleeves, U-bolt cote, Safety Spray Shields, Radolid bolt protection caps


Manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicle wash equipment

We provide competitive quotes and shipping and logistics management of a complete supply package.

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