Indigo Piping System offers a wide array of petroleum and fuel oil storage tank solutions for diesel generators. We distribute high-quality steel above-ground or underground tanks, in compliance with EPA regulations for safe storage of petroleum and other chemicals. We can supply cylindrical and rectangular tanks, offering both single and double wall construction options complete with all the accessories needed to install the system. Our tanks can be designed to meet UL 142 and UL 2085 standards for fire rating.

We offer technical support and logistics management, and we can provide a complete supply package of all of your materials. Contact us today to request a quote.

We supply:

Petroleum / Fuel Oil Storage Tank system
Epoxy Lined Storage Tanks
Fuel Oil Day Tank Systems with Pumps and Controls
Fuel Storage Tank accessories including:

Stairs, handrail and platform
Aboveground Overspill Container w/ drain assembly
Valves, including Anti-Siphon valves, Double Poppet Foot valves, and Automatic Shut-Off Overfill Prevention valves, Ball valves and Flexible connectors.
Vents, including atmospheric tank vents and emergency vents
Aluminum Locking Fill Caps
Folding gauge stick
Clock gauge with float assembly.
Pneumercator Fuel Control system with remote audible and visual alarm.

We also supply tanks for water distribution and wastewater applications, including:

Oil Water Separators
ASME / Hydro Pneumatic Systems
Bladder Tanks
Blowdown Tanks
Expansion Tanks
Surge Tanks
Potable Water Storage Tanks

We offer technical support and specification interpretation to meet your project’s technical requirements, and we offer integrated logistics management as part of a complete supply package. Contact us today to request a quote.