We supply many types of US-made pipe and fittings for water, wastewater, fire protection, and stormwater applications in international markets, including:


[columns][span2][/span2][span9]Clow Water Systems

AWWA C151 UL FM Tyton joint push on ductile iron pipe, Fast-tite push on ductile iron pipe, AWWA boltless restrained joint ductile iron pipe, AWWA mechanical joint ductile iron pipe, ASTM A746 gravity sewer ductile iron pipe, Ductile iron pipe confirming to NFPA 24 for outside fire protection piping[/span9][/columns] [columns][span2]

[/span2][span9]North American Pipe Corp.

C900 UL/FM PVC pipe, C905 large diameter PVC pipe, ASTM D3034 SDR35 & SDR26 PVC sewer pipe, F679 PVC sewer pipe, ASTM D2241 IPS PVC pressure pipe, UL FM approved AWWA C900 PVC pipe for fire water mains [/span9][/columns][columns][span2]PSCIPCO

[/span2][span9]McWane Ductile

Ductile iron pipe conforming to NFPA 24 for outside fire protection piping [/span9][/columns][columns][span2][/span2][span9]Prinsco

HDPE storm drain pipe up to 60 inches, perforated HDPE storm drain pipe [/span9][/columns]