We supply fittings and accessories from leading U.S. brands for water infrastructure and fire protection construction.


[/span2][span9]Tyler Union Utility Fittings

AWWA C153 and AWWA C110 MJ ductile iron fittings, push-on ductile iron fittings, flanged ductile iron fittings, valve boxes, ductile iron tapping sleeves, UL listed ductile iron fittings[/span9][/columns][columns][span2][/span2][span9]EBAA Iron

AWWA ductile iron pipe restraints, C900 PVC pipe restraints, flexible expansion joints, UL FM approved joint restraint for ductile iron pipe and PVC pipe[/span9][/columns][columns][span2]

[/span2][span9]Romac Industries Inc.

AWWA flexible couplings, repair clamps, tapping sleeves, flanged coupling adapters, service saddles, drilling and tapping machines, valve insertion systems[/span9][/columns][columns][span2][/span2][span9]Advance Products & Systems, Inc.

Casing spacers, casing end seals, flange insulating kits, NSF61 approved flange gaskets, high temperature gaskets, flange band protectors, wall sleeves, U-bolt cote, Safety Spray Shields, Radolid bolt protection cap[/span9][/columns][columns][span2]200innerlynx[/span2][span9]Innerlynx

Forms a mechanical seal between pipes going through walls, floors, vaults, tanks and pipeline casings; steel and plastic wall sleeves, UL Rated 3 hour fire stop[/span9][/columns]